GET WET WAIKATO is a shop that has been around for many years now, with the new crew on board we are hoping to bring a new vibe and some new courses for the divers out there. Marks vision for the shop is for us to be committed to offering great service, quality dive equipment and experiences.

Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about diving and are always willing to help out and offer advice where we can. If we cant find you the answer we can sure direct you to the right person to find it.

We are looking to continuously  improve on our services, and turn into the dive shop you all deserve. Don’t be shy to stop in even if its only for a yarn and check out the new shop.


Mark & Annette

Mark and Annette have owned Get Wet for a couple of years now and are taking the Waikato dive industry by storm. 

Mark has been working in the dive industry for almost 20 years, his knowledge and experience is vast when it comes to hunting, fishing and diving. Marks love for hunting up in the hills and under the water is only matched by his love for teaching. If your lucky enough to get into one of his classes your in for a epic weekend.


Gav has been scuba diving for years and has be taught from some of the best instructors around NZ. Gav has worked in many place start in Whitianga moving to Australia working on the Great barrier reef and back again. 

Gav is an avid ocean enthusiast with a passion for scuba but also an obsession for spear fishing. Taking every chance he can get to get out and see what the ocean has to offer. He considers his water displacement methods to be right up there with a breaching hump back whale…..


Kiel is still relatively new to the dive industry but he is keen to get out and show you the best of what NZ diving has to offer.

Don’t let his pink mask and quiet demeanour fool you, He has a passion for the ocean and loves a good cray hunt that he must of inherited from his old man.  Kiels experience started in high school, then to Whitianga to study which took him to work in Vanuatu and  then back to the mighty Waikato.