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BACK COUNTRY CUISINE PRODUCTS ARE EASY TO PREPARE AND TASTE GREAT BECAUSE OF THEIR UNIQUE FREEZE DRYING PROCESS. This combines quick-to-hydrate, freeze dried vegetables and meats with delicious sauce mixes that retain their natural flavours. The result is tasty freeze dried meals that can be prepared inside the pack in 10 minutes with just a bit of boiling hot water.

Available Flavours: Beef & Pasta Hotpot, Classic Beef Curry,Beef Teriyaki,Spaghetti Bolognaise, Cottage Pie, Roast Beef & Vegetables,Roast Lamb& Vegetables,Venison Risotto,Chicken Carbonara, Thai Chicken Curry, Roast Chicken, Fish Pie, Cooked Breakfast

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Beef & Pasta Hotpot, Beef Stroganoff, Beef Teriyaki, Chicken Carbonara, Classic Beef Curry, Cooked Breakfast, Cottage Pie, Honey Soy Chicken, Lamb Fettucine, Moroccan Lamb, Roast Beef & Vegetables, Roast Chicken, Roast Lamb & Vegetables, Sweet & Sour Lamb, Venison Risotto