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Beuchat Hero Open Speargun


The Hero Open speargun is a worthy heir to the Hero dynasty; it features many elements of the range including the Hero pistol grip with its inverted stainless steel trigger cassette, closed head and Ø 28mm aluminium tube with integral guide track. Its full complement of features, and its price, will surely turn more than a few heads.

Product pluses:
• Hero Open pistol grip
• Ø 28 aluminium tube with integral guide track
• Closed head
• Features and accessories

Hero Open speargun:
Pistol grip: Hero Open in fibre-reinforced polyamide for greater strength
Handle: Elastomer for better comfort
Head: closed, made of polyamide fibre for greater strength
Tube: Ø28mm aluminium with integral spear guide
Gun Butt: Hero
Line release: reversible, made of stainless steel
Reel-holder: swallow-tail
Power band rigging: Ø 16mm red screw-in
Wishbone: articulated stainless steel
Spear: Ø6.5mm stainless steel Tahitian
Line: Ø1.6mm nylon mono-filament
Available lengths: 75 – 90 – 100