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Mares Bungee Floatline w/Stainless Speed Needle


Mares Bungee Floatline

The Mares Bungee Floatline is Perfect for ensuring a tangle-free connection between your surface float and speargun. Allowing for safe speargun retrieval from the surface.

  • Comes in 10m, 20m, or 30m lengths
  • PVC-encased
  • With stainless steel speed needle and swivel
  • No more detangling your floatline!

They are air filled which makes them very buoyant and less likely to tangle.
Fitted with a swivel at one end and fish threader at the other these bungees are ready to hit the water and help you get those big fish!

Benefits over traditional float line
– 20% stretch acts as a shock absorber greatly reducing the risk of gear failure or the fish tearing themselves off of your spear.
– Less drag through the water
– Less prone to tangling
– Much nicer handling