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Beuchat Rapid Rubbers-16mm Diameter


When choosing the type and the size of your Speargun rubbers it is relative to the type of Speargun, and the current setup of your gun

A “Rapid” or “Loop” rubber is primarily designed for Open muzzle spearguns, or guns that have a hole in the muzzle for the rubber to fit through. It is one piece of rubber, and creates a very even pull on both sides of the shaft

The diameter of the rubber is also very important. The thicker the rubber, then the more powerful it will be. Be aware that smaller diameter gun barrels will not be able to handle the load of bigger diameter rubbers

It is also very easy to overpower your speargun. If you have a light shaft; a 6mm for example and 18mm rubbers, it can create movement in the shaft when firing and create inaccuracies with your shot