Shearwater Peregrine Dual W/SPG


The best recreational divers computer just got better!

The brand new Peregrine computer from Shearwater is now available console mounted as either two inline – Computer & SPG  – or three inline – Computer, SPG & Compass.

Computer Features

  • Full colour, high resolution display
  • Simplified diving modes and full decompression support
  • Two button interface
  • Wireless charging – Battery life per charge is up to 30 hours on medium brightness level.
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Vibration alert options
  • User customisable display

There are 4 diving modes

  • Air (For recreational diving)
  • Nitrox (Single gas up to 40%)
  • 3 Gas Nitrox (Up to 100% O2)
  • Gauge (Depth, time, resettable stop watch function)

The Peregrine is best suited for Air and Nitrox divers that want a great screen at an exceptional value with a simplified feature set.

USB wireless charging station is included.

In the Dive Log menu, a diver can quickly view detailed graphs and dive information such as a dive log list, water temp, depth, start and end time, surface interval time and more.

The Peregrine has an intuitive NDL & DECO dive planner. The decompression algorithm that Shearwater uses is the Bühlmann GF algorithm.

Divers can easily link their Peregrine dive computer via a bluetooth connection, allowing them to share information on multiple devices such as a smartphone, tablet and desktop. Using the free Shearwater Cloud app, the diver can review, edit and synchronize dive logs. Divers can also update firmware or change the language on the go.

The SPG has a metal casing and reads in Bar.

Also available with a Compass